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Looking to add a customisable touch to your home, while maintaining the high quality and gorgeous aesthetic of our famous wall stickers? Job done, because we at Tenstickers have put together a collection of over 300 stunning customisable wall decals! Customisation can come in a number of forms - From name wall stickers, to customisable photographs, to customisable numbers - If it exists, there´s quite a high chance that we can customise it!

Our customisable vinyls come in all shapes and sizes, for all surfaces, all ages and all genders! Football fan? We have something for you! Running a business? How about our superb collection of personalized business and social media stickers, perfect for your shop windows or interior walls! Even if you just have a photo that you would love to appear on your wall in some capacity, why not transform it into an amazing visual effects sticker with our jaw-dropping collection of Trompe-L´oeil customisable decals?! Our talented team of designers have put in hundreds of hours of hard graft to refine this catalogue and they are always looking to improve! Whenever you are reading this, you can bet that at least one of our designers is thinking of a new idea for a magnificent personalised decal.

Extremely Simple Customisation Process

The customisation process is extremely straightforward. Firstly, sit back, relax and scroll through our awe-inspiring collection of stylish, unique and original designs! Secondly, choose one that you think is perfect for your wall, car, motorbike, window or door! Then, simply enter the text or upload your photograph and you will be given a price! If you are happy then place the order and we will get to work on it immediately!

Now, some people do reach out to us with doubts about whether our customised name or photograph stickers can maintain the same level of quality and durability as our catalogue stickers. Well, please let us assure you that our customisable stickers are designed and produced in exactly the same way as our catalogue stickers; thus they come with exactly the same 15 year lifespan, exactly the same extreme durability and exactly the same guarantee of zero damage or residue upon removal! And don´t forget, we are happy to make customisable vinyl decals for you from scratch! Email %email% to find out more...

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