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Vinyl rugs for nurseries

Wanting to decorate your nursery? No problem, you've come to the right place! Browse through our collection of vinyl rugs for nurseries. There is a design to suit all your baby’s needs, you’ll have no trouble finding exactly what you’re after. Whether it’s for playtime, comfort or you just love the amazing designs, we’ve got it all!

Thanks to the amazing creativity of our design team, we would like to offer to you our nursery vinyl flooring collection! This collection allows you and your precious little one to decorate your nursery, or any room in your house, with a diverse range of beautiful rugs that everyone will love. From rainbows to trains all your children’s favourites are here. Although these products are predominantly for little ones, we have in no way compromised in the high-quality you can always expect from us here at Tenstickers.

Vinyl carpets for nurseries to brighten you little one’s room

These stunning nursery print vinyl mats will convert your special little one’s room into a warm, caring and nurturing environment, perfect for their growth and to show how much you love them! Our mats brighten up your room and add that unique feeling that you just can’t get elsewhere.

You'll be very happy to hear that our pvc vinyl rugs for nurseries are incredibly easy to clean, just simply wipe clean with water. Thanks to these rugs hoovering will become a thing of the past! Great for freeing up time to spend with your little one. Our flooring is perfect for your nursery and will make your child’s room look amazing, making all the other parents jealous. And of course, these products are also pet and child friendly as well as being hypoallergenic and stopping all those spills, stains and scratches that can easily occur! Meaning that you aren’t held back in showing how much you care for your loved ones.

If you were looking to take the personalisation even further, we’ve got you! Customisable vinyl rugs for nurseries are also available in this rug collection. This gives you the opportunity to have your child’s name printed on one of these mats, making your nursery even more magical. Furthermore, using the custom measurement tool you can make you mat the perfect size for your nursery!

Our products are guaranteed to create a sense of happiness in your rooms. Don’t hesitate and see for yourself the amazing sensation our nursery vinyl rugs provide for both you and your child!

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