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Pink vinyl rug

These beautiful pink vinyl rugs are perfect for you and your rooms! We think our designs will fit in amazingly in bedrooms, kitchen, bathroom, anywhere you desire really. So, what are you waiting for, elevate your rooms look and get decorating!

Pink is a gorgeous colour that represents charm, friendliness and playfulness, aspects that you can’t help but love and would be mad not to want in your home. The design team are in agreement that the pink vinyl mat collection is perfect for any home and would be a great addition, that is why we are bringing it to you! Here you will find a whole host of wonderful patterns from animal print to stunning floral designs, there is something for everyone!

Be adventurous with one of these pink vinyl carpets!

The decorative touch our pink vinyl floorings provide you with will add so much joy your lives as well as brightening your rooms, making you wonder how you ever lived without one before. Warming, protecting for any stains spills or scratches and adding depth to a room are some of the main features our awesome pink vinyl rugs possess. You can benefit from all of these with the purchase of this amazing product today!

Spilled food on your pvc pink vinyl rug? They are very easy to clean, so don't worry! Wipe down with a damp cloth and it’s as good as new. No need to get that vacuum cleaner out. Our vinyl rugs in pink are perfect for a busy household, or for anyone wanting incredible looking floors with a flawless finish. They are pet and child friendly as well as being hypoallergenic! They are also super durable to issues such as tearing, wrinkling and discolouring due to their high quality. A product that is truly made to last!

Another incredible addition to this collection are the customisable pink vinyl mats, these rugs allow you to personalise your home even further by letting you include a name. This amazing feature will make your home even more unique to you! As well as being able to customise the design, you can also customise the sizing so that your pink vinyl carpet fits your home perfectly, it is impossible that it will look out of place!

Add a splash of pink to get that pretty and unique look that you have been looking for, making everyone jealous of your amazing new room. These pink vinyl rugs are guaranteed to provide a flawless finish to any room in your home! Get your hands on one now.

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