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Flower and Plant Vinyl Rugs

Do you adore flowers but lead such a busy life that you just don't have the time for to water, prune and fully take care of them? Why not consider one of our flower and plant vinyl rugs? Not only do these beautiful floral designs not require any looking after, they also do not lose colour and wilter like all real flowers and plants eventually do. This is thanks to our flower and plant patterned rugs being produced with high-quality bright, colours that are extremely long lasting. 

Our amazing team of designers have created a large variety of flower and plant vinyl mats in many different patterns, colours and sizes, meaning that the perfect one for anyone or any room is out there and waiting for you to purchase it. With the addition of our custom measurement tool, you will be able to get the perfect sized flower and plant patterned vinyl flooring, it will look like it has always met to be there, leaving all your guests in awe.

Let your rooms blossom 

The decorative touch our flower and plant print vinyl carpet provide will add so much colour and light to any room and leave you with a calming sensation, making you wonder how you ever lived without one before. Warming, protecting and adding depth to a room are some of the main features our breath-taking floral-patterned vinyl rugs posses. You can benefit from all of these with the purchase of this amazing product.

Our pvc vinyl flower and plant rugs are perfect for a busy household due to how simple they are to care for. Not only to you have to water them, you also don’t have to hoover them! One wipe with a damp cloth and all sorted! Giving you one less job to focus on. They are also extremely resistant to discolouration and any issue like tearing, whilst protecting your floor from any stains, scratches or spills. Our amazing vinyl is hypoallergenic and poses no threat to children of pets, letting you relax without any worries! Like all our products, these flower and plant vinyl carpets are incredibly high quality and resistant, it really is the best way to add that special touch to your home.

To add to this, some of our vinyl flower and plant flooring is even customisable, so what are you waiting for? Give your home that personalised touch it deserves with this wonderful collection.

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