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Vinyl road rugs

Remember having a rug with little towns and roads on? Where you'd drive toy cars? This has to be our favourite childhood memory. Well why not decorate your kid's room with one of these vinyl road rugs and have them feel the same excitement? We are certain they'll be entertained for hours on end! These matts will massively help with the cognitive development of your child as they explore and figure out all the routs on their map, therefore improving their problem solving and social skills.

Our amazing design team has come up with the best idea to bring back this blast from the past so that your children are able to experience this vinyl road patterned mats like we were able to when we were younger. With these rugs you can add a real homely feeling to your home at such a small cost and your kinds will absolutely love them.

Get back on the road with our vinyl road flooring

The decorative touch a road print vinyl carpet adds will warm up any room and offers the addition of protection and depth to a room. You can benefit from all of these with the purchase of this amazing product, as well as the educational and fun elements it brings with it.

Our pvc vinyl road rugs are very easy to clean, just simply wipe with a damp cloth and you’re ready to drive, making them easy to play on and releasing you of those awful hoovering duties! These products will easily withstand millions of car trips being played out on them as they will never tear, wrinkle or become discoloured, whist also protecting your floor from any stains, spills or scratches! These child and pet friendly hypoallergenic rugs are a perfect fit for family life.

Here at Tenstickers, we don’t just stop at giving you and your children amazing memories to share as a family. We want these memories to feel much more personal to you both. That is why we have also created customisable vinyl road carpets enabling you to add your child name to the mat or even better, name the racecourse after your little one. This extra personalisation makes this collection even more special and we are so excited to share it with you!

So, what's stopping you from getting one now? Brighten up your home life and gift your children with the joy that these vinyl road patterned rugs once gave you!

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