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Rectangle vinyl rugs

Browse are gorgeous collection of rectangle vinyl rugs. Create a unique and original impression with these amazing designs, everyone will definitely be jealous! We are certain you will find something you love in our stunning collection. 

Our incredible design team has created this stunning rectangle vinyl mat collection for you to enjoy all the awesome patterns we have in a simple and elegant shape that will for sure fit well anywhere in your home. From amazing patterns to fun kids mats, there is no way you won’t find a rug that is a perfect fit for you and your home in this vast collection.

Find your perfect wit with these rectangle vinyl floorings!

Make everyone jealous when they hear you have one of our rectangle vinyl carpets. The benefits they provide are so great they why wouldn’t someone be jealous? They add warmth, depth and brighten up any room, so no matter where you put your rectangular vinyl rug you will feel the benefit. They also provide your floor with protection from any stains, spills or scratches that we all know can inevitably occur in a busy home. So, don’t miss out! Make your home the best it can be with one of our incredible products!

Pvc vinyl rectangle rugs are very easy to clean, just simply wipe clean with water and a cloth or sponge! You'll be so glad you brough one when you see how incredible they look and the flawless finish that they provide without the need for a vacuum cleaner. Got pets or kids, worried about having a vinyl rug? Well here's a relief, they are child and pet friendly, so no ripping or tearing! Letting you put your mind at rest. To add to this, they are so simple to apply, anyone could do it, however they do come with instructions.

Even better yet! You can personalise many of the customisable rectangle vinyl rugs in this collection to make them more unique to you by perhaps adding your child’s name or using our custom measurement tool to select the perfect size for you rug, so it fits in amazingly in your home. The addition of these unique final touches to your home will make it an even more special place to spend time with your loved ones, so don’t miss out!

Go on, you know you want to! Treat yourself and your home by buying a gorgeous rectangular vinyl mat today.

Explore the many ways this fabulous moon and stars babies vinyl rug can be use for making a fantastic change to your kid's bedroom!
Explore the many ways this fabulous moon and stars babies vinyl rug can be use for making a fantastic change to your kid's bedroom!

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