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Moucharabieh window decal

TenStickers. Moucharabieh window decal. Easy to apply decorative window decal of an ornamental Moucharabieh to beautify  window surface and change the look of the space.

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Minimum Size 3 cm x 3 cm.


In these measurements, the sticker is going to be sent in several pieces.

A Moucharabieh window vinyl decal design of flower ornament in solid forms that you will love on the surface. The design is an architectural element characterised by the Arabians and very aesthetic. Best for the living room, kitchen and bedroom window and will add an amazing touch to any space that you chose to apply it. The application is simple and easy without any trouble, you only have to follow the instruction that comes with the window vinyl decal and you will have it just as it appears here. Pick the size you prefer and we will have it delivered to you.

Information about Moucharabieh window decal

Reference: A17199


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