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Ricochet Patterns window decal

TenStickers. Ricochet Patterns window decal. Buy our adhesive window vinyl decal created with round geometric forms in multiple to decorate any window in the home and it can be in any colour.

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Minimum Size 3 cm x 3 cm.


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Circular pattern window vinyl decal to decorate and transform the look appearance of any window in a home. On the design are multiple circular shapes in form of ripples and look very lovely for any surface .It is created in a linear form it make it well define and more attractive. You can use this window vinyl sticker for the living room window or even the bedroom, however, you can use it where it best serve you but the end point is you will love it. You can have it in any colour that you prefer, we have a list of mono colours to pick from. Easy to apply with the application instruction it comes with.

Information about Ricochet Patterns window decal

Reference: A17196


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