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shark carsticker Vehicle Sticker

TenStickers. shark carsticker Vehicle Sticker. Sturdy car stickers, ideal car sticker angry shark as personalized animal car sticker and car stickers animal. Enjoy animal car sticker decoration!

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Measurements (width x height)
This sturdy car sticker is ideal for decorating your car. This car sticker angry shark is the perfect way to give your car a tough look. With this personalized animal sticker you can give the shark different colors, so that it fits your car exactly. This decoration car sticker shark is also available in different sizes. This ensures that this car sticker animal is totally adaptable to your personal environment. This animal shark car sticker is made from high quality vinyl, making it easy to apply to your car. In addition, it is just as easy to remove without leaving marks on your car.

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Reference: A14908


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